Severo grinds pills to fine powder in seconds

The preferred choice of thousands of hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes around the world.

When swallowing of pills is difficult, the Severo electric pill grinder is the best and safest solution for patients and healthcare professionals. It is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and veterinary clinics around the world where medicine intake is a problem and efficiency and safety a priority.

Prevention of RSI

Manual pill crushing leads to physical problems among nurses. Did you know that on average it takes circa 21 kgf to crush a pill? This is four times as much as is considered safe by the Dutch occupational health and safety inspection!  The Severo grinds pills electrically, this way avoiding repeated excessive stress on hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders which may ultimately lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI).

No more exposure to medication dust

Exposure to medication dust through the lungs and skin during manual pill crushing is a health risk for nurses. The Severo grinds pills in a closed environment this way excluding any risk on exposure during grinding of medications.

No more spills and cross-contamination

The use of disposable cups and rondels keeps the Severo pill grinder clean and ready for direct re-use at all times. This saves cleaning time and eliminates the risk on cross contamination. In the event a spill does occur, it will be limited and easy to clean.

Near silent crushing

Pills are often crushed just before administration in the direct environment of patients. To avoid hindrance, the rechargeable Severo grinds pills in seconds while keeping sound levels to a minimum.

Ideal for administration via feeding tubes

Concurrent administration of oral medications may result in clogged feeding tubes. The Severo makes sure that even the hardest medications are consistently and reliably crushed into fine powder at all times.

Fast and easy to use

Grinding medication has never been more easy and fast. In a few simple steps, even the hardest medication is quickly and safely crushed into fine powder. As a result, medication rounds will be completed quicker and more easy. Are you also looking for efficiency, convenience and safety for your patients and nurses? Then the  Severo is also something for you.

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Severo: Solutions for the intake of medication 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.
Severo: Solutions for the intake of medication
We've found the Severo to be an ideal application for use in our veterinary surgery. It is quick, it is clean and takes the chore out of grinding pills

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Crushing Medicine in 8 seconds

  • Portable Design
  • From pill to powder in 8 seconds
  • Rechargeable
  • Long lasting battery
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to Clean

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About the Severo:

The Severo is the safest pill grinder for healthcare professionals and patients. It grinds the hardest medicine to dust in seconds while avoiding physical strain and eliminating the risk of inhalation, exposure and cross-contamination.

The Severo is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and veterinary clinics around the world where medicine intake is a problem and personnel safety a priority.

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